Engage your employees.

Strengthen your business.

Make the world a better place.


Purposefully Engaged engages your employees, strengthens your business, enhances your company brand, and makes the world a better place. We design and orchestrate customized employee volunteer programs that connect your company values with community needs. We celebrate your success and provide tangible results.


The Case for Community Impact Programs


Engage Your Employees.

Volunteering through work inspires, engages, strengthens, rewards, and retains your best employees.  When done strategically and executed effectively, research shows it is a powerful and profitable investment in your employees. Research shows that every employee who participates in community impact activities through their workplace adds (on average) $2400 of value to their company.

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Strengthen your organization.

The best organizations have a strategic plan to their civic engagement.  When done purposefully, volunteer activities are in sync with the overall company mission and vision. Purposeful efforts have the strongest impact on employees, customers, and community. Companies with more community impact practices significantly outperform their counterparts over the long-term.  

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Reaching Millennials.

If you want to attract and retain the best Millennials, you need to understand how they tick. Millennials seek employers who provide opportunities to impact social and environmental issues.

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Make the World a Better Place.

Volunteer opportunities engage your team, transform your work culture and make a real difference in your community.  Non-profits often need very specific types of help. We make sure your volunteer efforts have a meaningful impact without wasted effort, time, or money.


Purposefully Engaged creates meaningful volunteer experiences for our clients that provide practical, hands-on help to local nonprofits.  We will engage your team, activate your program, and celebrate your success.