Seabolt Law Firm: Making a Difference

Seabolt Law Firm demonstrated their commitment to community engagement and to connecting as a team in December by volunteering together at Gleaners Community Food Bank. Decked out in Seabolt Law Firm logo tee shirts, they stocked shelves, sorted produce, and tidied up Gleaners Mercado at the Ford Resource and Engagement Center (FREC) in Southwest Detroit. Working together to make a difference for those in need is team building at its best and the Seabolt Law Firm did great work. Since no trip to southwest Detroit is complete without a delicious meal, they celebrated with lunch at Mexican Village. Seabolt Law Firm has a strong commitment to civic engagement, supporting Detroit Police Athletic League, Salvation Army, and more.

Gleaners Community Food Bank distributes more than 43 million pounds of food a year and relies heavily on volunteers to sort and pack food. FREC is a community center in the Mexican town area of Detroit. It is a collaborative effort led by Ford Motor Company and Gleaners that empowers the community to determine what services are wanted and needed. The Mercado at FREC gives clients the freedom to select food to meet their needs, rather than simply receive a bag of food. It is set up like a grocery store, with fresh and healthy options for preparing meals. In addition, FREC offers dance classes, tutoring, language classes and more.

Volunteering through work inspires, engages, strengthens, rewards, and retains your best employees. To learn how we can provide this kind of experience for your business, connect with us.