What we do.


With over 15 years generating group volunteer experiences, Purposefully Engaged knows the cultural transformation that comes from teams working together for the greater good. We design and orchestrate plans to maximize the impact of community engagement programming. Let us help.


Assess and strategize


We look at your business, your mission, and existing philanthropic activities.  We construct a customized focus for purposeful engagement and develop a vision to engage your employees, enrich your culture, and enhance your reputation.  Together, we design a plan that inspires your team and works with your unique business to make your community engagement efforts synonymous with your brand.

Provide exceptional volunteer experiences

This is the heart of it. Our events run smoothly, connect with your business goals, and provide valuable assistance to a worthy organization.  We manage the scheduling, planning, and execution of the events. We handle the ‘swag’, such as logo t-shirts, water bottles, and lunch.  A little ‘swag’ creates a lot of excitement! This is team building for the greater good. We make it happen.

Promote success internally and externally

We work with your team to create content to celebrate and promote your success via your website, social media, business review reporting, and print media. 


Purposefully Engaged

has created volunteer experiences that provide practical, hands-on help to local nonprofits for over 15 years.  Our purposefully planned campaigns and events help clients maximize their business and community impact. We know how to inspire your team and celebrate your success.