What we do for youth.

Students can change the world, too.

Youth volunteer programs

We build volunteer opportunities for schools, classrooms, scouting groups, sports teams, and youth groups from preschool through high school. Our age-appropriate volunteer experiences engage the students and transform the culture of the student organization. In our experience, children are kinder, more cooperative, and more appreciative when they have opportunities to help others. Most importantly, they love doing it. We can organize field trip experiences or bring volunteering into the classroom.  Purposefully Engaged will empower your children to make a difference.

career day

Our Career Day assembly is highly interactive, relevant and unlike anything else available. Students rotate through multiple informative and hands-on presentations based on their skills and interests.  Presenters are chosen to represent a spectrum of career fields. Features include:

  • On-line career test to give students a personalized experience

  • Covers education/training needed, work setting, skills, and more to link school work to career

  • Presenters provide a hands-on problem for the students to solve

  • Both professional and trade careers represented to connect with all students

This program links academics and interests to potential careers. Students gain an understanding of different career paths in a highly engaging manner.



school/business partnerships

If your school is looking to connect with a local business for mentoring, business skills, literacy, or other support, let us help you find the right partnership. We work with businesses and organizations that are committed to making a difference in their community. With 15 years experience working with schools and youth groups, we will customize a program to meet your needs.  Let us help.