Strengthen Your Business

The best organizations have a strategic plan for their civic engagement.  When done purposefully, volunteer activities are in sync with the overall company mission and vision. Purposeful efforts have the strongest impact on employees, customers, and community. Companies with more community engagement practices significantly outperform their counterparts over the long-term.

So why is it tough to do well?  There are three common stumbling blocks:


Avoid the Confetti approach.

The Confetti Approach is exactly what it sounds like:  unfocused and uncoordinated activities created by a variety of well-intended personnel, with neither goals nor the active support of leadership.  Best practices begin with an assessment of existing philanthropy to create a purposeful strategy for engagement. Executive level involvement and support create a coherent and impactful vision that is in line with the company’s purpose and values. Purposefully Engaged creates a focused plan so that your company can realize the benefits of community engagement.


Connect the dots

You may already being doing great things in your community. But if you haven’t engaged social and traditional media to celebrate your success, you lose chances to enhance your reputation. And if you don’t get that message to HR, you miss opportunities to reach the best candidates.  Purposefully Engaged connects the dots, communicating your great work internally and externally to maximize the impact of your civic outreach.



Outsource for impact

Our relationships with nonprofit organizations allow us to create meaningful partnerships for the greatest impact. ‘Connecting the dots’ usually goes beyond one person’s (or even department’s) responsibilities, making it tough to manage effectively.  Outsourcing is the cost effective way to meet your civic engagement goals.